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Tapping in Larry's Missed Putts and Keeping the No Three Putt Streak Alive!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Larry Puts G.W. Writer in Place

Larry drained a birdie putt in his recent posting No Three Putts in Golf World.  Last week some second rate writer for GW online mentioned Larry's blog and attacked Larry's decision to remain anonymous.  Note to all sports writers- Larry and other bloggers remain anonymous because this is something they do for fun and they are not getting paid to have people evaluate their work. 

Larry did a great job of putting the writer in his place.  The writer should thank Larry for trying to generate some online reading interest among golfers rather than trying to put Larry down for a job well done. 

But I must also thank the Golf World writer, whose name was not worth remembering, because it was his blurb that led me to find the No Three Putts blog.

Keep it up Larry.

Check out the No Three Putts blog for some good reading!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Shades of Green

So what is it that drove me to create a blog to keep Larry's blog on the right line.  It was Larry's posting titled "Are links courses cow pastures?"

Larry, Larry, Larry.  You sound like one of those spoiled Tour players who complain because a U.S. Open is set up for a winning score of Par rather than 25 under. 

The color green does not equate to a good golf course.  Yes, many of the best golf courses in America are lush and green but many of those same courses would be a whole lot better if allowed to dry out and firm up just a little bit.  Shinnecock certainly was not green and lush for the U.S. Open.  At best it was a patchy mixture of green and brown and that is arguably one of the best course we have to offer. 

Golf courses are what make the game great.  They all have there own characteristics and their own set of challenges.  You can build identical layouts in Texas and New Hamshire and the courses will play completely different because of the wind, the temperature, or the time of year.  The color of the grass makes no difference at all.  Just ask a snowbird playing Bethpage Black in December.

If anything Larry, it is lush green courses that are made for the Scotty Cameron swinging, Pro VI hitting, wanna-be golfers.  A green course can be just as misleading as the equipment they spend their $reen on.  

Both course and player are what they are and GREEN will not make either one any better.

Sorry Larry but this putt came up a bit short.  No worries though.  I tapped it in for you.

Larry's Golf God

Welcome Golf Fans!!!  My new favorite thing to do after work is to see what Larry has to say.  You may know Larry from his No Three Putts blog.  I love it, so be sure to check it out. 

However, Larry is like an inconsistent 4 handicap.  Most days he is on his game, but on other days he has trouble breaking 80.  In other words, his commentary is witty and raises good questions, but sometimes his opinion leaves us scratching our heads and wondering if he even knows how to spell golf. 

So that is where I come in.  When Larry starts missing his putts on the low side, I will be there to help tap them in.  After all, Larry needs to keep that No Three Putt streak in tact.  I may not post a comment every day as blogging is not all that important to me, but I will do my best to keep a watchful eye on the No Three Putts blog and, when necessary, I will post my response to Larry's missed putts - I mean opinions. 

Who knows, maybe I will even write some postings of my own and teach good old Larry a thing or two about how to ONE PUTT.  

Larry, just consider me your Golf God.